Life As I Know It

Hi! I’ve decided to try this whole “blogging” thing. Hope it doesn’t bore you to death…

So I’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately about life and things I’ve learned in this journey.

I have a bad habit of comparing where I am in life with where all of my peers are. Everyone I know (especially friends from high school) are getting married and having babies, and I’m not. I’m focused on my career and myself right now. I’m not ready to be a wifey or a mommy right now. I can’t even decide what I want to eat for dinner– how the heck can I be a mother? Of course, if some miracle happened and I became one, I would handle it.

I get asked when I am going to get married on a weekly basis. Yes, I have been together with my boyfriend for a long time. Yes, I love him. Yes, I know I’m not getting any younger. You get the point– it gets annoying. I personally think I’m being smart about things– I want to know, without a doubt, that I should get married. Not because everyone thinks I should. When I get married I plan on being married for the next 50+ years (forever), so I don’t think I should even relatively second guess myself.

As far as kids go, I definitely want to be married first, so that’s not even in the picture right now. I do want at least one ONE day, but I’m only 24.

Having a stable life is important to me before kids come along. I want to be able to give my kids everything I had growing up and a stable life. And I do not want them to have to go through the divorce of their parents (or worse) like I had to. Right now I have a good job, but it’s my first year here so I want to make sure it lasts and that I can move up before I make any extreme life altering decisions.

So, after being asked this 5,000 times since I graduated college, I have come up with an idea: stop putting time frames on everything. Stop worrying about where everyone else is in life. Stop focusing on having kids and getting married before so-and-so and live how you want to. If you aren’t ready, listen to your heart and your brain and know when to choose one over the other. Stop living based on what you should be doing when, and focus on just living now.

I vow to take my own advice and stop putting a time limit on my life. Yes, I won’t live forever, but I am going to enjoy the time I do have without worrying if I am on everyone else’s life track.

You should make this promise, too. 🙂




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