Book Club

Here’s a list of some great book I’ve read over the years. You should check them out!

  • The Art of Racing in the Rain: One of the best books I’ve read ever. It’s told by a dog who wants to be a human. It will make you laugh until you cry and then cry until you can’t breathe. Such a sweet story!
  • Two Kisses for Maddie: Be prepared to bawl your eyes out because this is a gut-wrenching, painful true story about a man and his experience raising a daughter on his own after a traumatic event.
  • They Cage the Animals at Night: I first read this book when I was in middle school. It’s all about a boy in and out of orphanages. It is a true story, and it is moving beyond words.
  • The Girls: I’m still reading this one, but so far it is good. It follows the lives of two conjoined twins, and it tells their story with plenty of humor.
  • Al Capone Does My Shirts: I read this one for the first time in college for an elementary education class. It is probably geared towards middle school, but it is awesome! I’ve reread it since, and it was even better the second time. A quick read for any age!

Please add some of your favorite books; I need some new ones to read! 🙂


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