The Great Debate

Roll Tide or War Eagle?
Don’t say you don’t care which team wins– that’s the ultimate sin when you’re from Alabama.

Growing up, my entire family was Alabama fans. I grew up yelling, “Roll Tide!” I never understood the art of football; I just knew you wanted to get the ball between the big stick thing. So, when I got older and still didn’t understand the sport, I didn’t watch the games. This is like an abomination.
When I hit 18, I started dating this guy who was an Auburn fan, so I ended up watching all of the Auburn games with him and his family. My family was beyond disgusted. They loved the guy, but I remember one time he showed up at my family’s Christmas in an Auburn shirt– you would have thought it was the apocalypse. Oh, and he bought me an Auburn shirt… that I actually wore. My sister refused to walk next to me if I had it on. Yeah, this hatred actually exists in Alabama.
Eventually though, we broke up, and I got together with a “real man” aka an Alabama fan. He is one of THE biggest Alabama fans I have ever seen. He believes his Alabama hats go with every outfit, no matter what the occasion is.

You can imagine how horrified he was to know I was “an Auburn fan” for two years. Honestly, I think he was more upset about this than if he had found out I was a leper being exiled to Nantucket. He immediately began buying me Alabama attire and making me watch every game with him.
One day, we decided it was time to get rid of the dreaded Auburn shirt. We decided to have a bonfire… and he burned the shirt. I’m sure some people are still cursing our names for this heinous act. Of course I got pictures!


My boyfriend is something. Don’t get him talking about Alabama and Auburn because I promise you, someone is going to end up with hurt feelings, and more than likely it isn’t going to be him.

Here’s some friendly advice from someone who has experienced the effects of not taking sides:

Don’t plan on moving to Alabama without choosing a side.
Don’t be a “house divided”. Pick a side or move to Canada.
Don’t plan on moving here being a Tennessee or LSU fan unless you love having people hate you. One time I happened to have my nails painted purple right before the Alabama v. LSU game, and my boyfriend said I couldn’t come over until I took the nail polish off (it was like the perfect LSU purple in his defense).
Also, be prepared to be asked who you root for as soon as you meet anyone. I was asked this on the first day of my last two jobs by my bosses. I made the mistake of saying “Oh, it doesn’t matter to me” one time and didn’t think I’d ever live it down.

Now of course, I’m sure I’m not speaking for every Alabamian. I’m just showing the rivalry from my perspective and my experiences. Yes, there are obnoxious Alabama fans andAuburn fans (and every other team); and this is all said in a friendly spirit 🙂

So now that I’ve decided I look better in red, I plan on staying true to my upbringing as a Roll Tide fan. And I do understand the sport a little more now, thanks to my boyfriend.

Oh yeah, roll tide.